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At the Centre refugees of this illegal trade as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect are rehabilitated into natural living groups.

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Daily Echo

1st August 2005

DO you want endangered species to be kept in better conditions and the trading of those animals to stop? Those were the questions South Dorset MP and Biodiversity Minister Jim Knight was asking visitors to ape rescue centre Monkey World, in Wareham, when he paid a visit to launch a new consultation campaign on Saturday.

Mr Knight joined forces with Monkey World's Jim and Alison Cronin to urge people to vote for proposals to use powers to ban the keeping of certain species of wild flora and fauna as a means to prevent illegal trade in endangered species.

There has been particular interest in applying these regulations with regard to people keeping primates as domestic pets.

Mr Knight said: "What we are launching is this consultation paper. It is, in essence, about the implementation of CITES - the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species.

"What this directive grants us the power to do, should we choose to take it, is what we are consulting on."

He added that the paper set out plans to enforce tighter restrictions on keeping certain animals, including primates.

"So they would be kept in the same standards of care as the primates that are kept here at Monkey World by Jim and Alison," he added.

Jim Cronin welcomed Mr Knight's involvement in the campaign, saying the keeping of animals in unsuitable conditions was a particular issue in Dorset

He said: "There are primates in Dorset. We found Capuchin monkeys in Poole. Then they just disappeared when we went looking for them. Then they turned up in West Dorset. A week later they disappeared.

"I know Jim's heart is in the right place. I know he wants to stop this trade in primates. We've got to tell him, we've got to show him that we want this thing to stop.

"So when you're at Monkey World every place there will be a petition. Put your name down, let Jim Knight know that you want the suffering to stop, that the British public do not like to see this suffering. If you tell him we can make it happen."

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