Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild.

At the Centre refugees of this illegal trade as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect are rehabilitated into natural living groups.

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Orang-utan born at Dorset rescue centre


18 March 2005

A male Borneo orang-utan has been born in a British rescue centre.

Hsiao-Quai, 11 years old, endured a 55-minute labour to give birth at Monkey World ape rescue centre, in Wool, Dorset, on Tuesday.


Staff were worried that Hsiao-Quai would not know how to care for her baby because she was an orphan and had never had the opportunity to learn the secrets of maternal care.

But Alison Cronin, who runs Monkey World, said: "She has been attentive from the moment he was born. When he grizzles, she immediately showers him with little kisses so that he knows she is around."

Mrs Cronin, 38, said the father, Tuan, who is 16, watched his son being born. "He knew something was going on and stayed glued to the window and wouldn't move."

Hsiao-Quai was smuggled out of Borneo into Taiwan by illegal pet traders. Monkey World rescued her.

Hsiao-Quai and baby

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