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ROSS: `The monkeys are alwight by me!'

Daily Echo
CELEBRITY Jonathan Ross has given his seal of approval to Monkey World after speaking about his visit to the animal sanctuary.

And the TV presenter has adopted a monkey and an ape after being impressed by what he saw at one of Dor-set's top visitor attractions.

Jonathan, who dropped in unannounced on Monkey World, was given no special treatment as he was shown some of the monkeys and apes that could be adopted.

A few days later his agent called on Jonathan's behalf to ask for some goodies from the gift shop and to adopt an ape called Seamus and a monkey called Tom.

On his popular Friday Night With Jonathan Ross programme, the celebrity talked at length about his visit to the monkey conservation sanctuary.

Dr Alison Cronin, who runs Monkey World with husband Jim, was delighted with the promotion given to the attraction and to the cause of protecting primates around the world.

She said Jonathan's visit was totally unexpected.

"He came to the centre as a normal visitor.

"Jim and I did not know he was coming and we were at home and heard about it on the radio when 2CR FM said he was sitting in the cafe at Monkey World," said Dr Cronin.

"We did not make a fuss about it and he was not approached by anyone and that is potentially why he enjoyed his day. We try not to badger people."

A keeper showed Jonathan some of the primates that he later adopted and spoke about on his TV show.

Dr Cronin is pleased the high-profile visitor talked about the similarities of the monkeys and apes to human beings and how we can empathise with their difficulties such as weight and birth control problems.

Having adopted Seamus and Tom for £25 each, Jonathan can look forward to regular updates on the pair during the coming 12 months as well as a certificate, photo and free entry to Monkey World for the next year.

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