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Monkey World boss in plea over treatment of animals

Swanage & Wareham Guardian

IT will cost the Prime Minister of Thailand around 65m to buy a 30 per cent share of Liverpool football club - but only 1.5m for his country to send back the 180 baby apes that Monkey World has discovered being traded in that country.

And wildlife conservationist and Monkey World co-owner Jim Cronin says it will cost nothing for Thailand to save the life of Naree the chimpanzee, who is performing at a zoo in the country in contravention of a convention concerning the trade in endangered species.

Although there is growing doubt that Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra will go through with the multi-million-pound deal to take a stake in Liverpool FC, Mr Cronin believes the British people can make the Far East leader aware of their concerns about the treatment and illegal trade in animals and birds.

If the football deal did happen, Mr Cronin believes: "I'm sure he will seek to put his personality and views into the Liverpool team.

"He may have some criticisms and the British people will accept this.

"But we will all be part of a team working together and the British people will say to him that they want to do something in Thailand."

He added: "Can we get him to help save Naree and the apes?

"Will he stop the largest wildlife trade in the world?

"Will he work with us to play a part for wildlife or is this going to be a one-way street?"

The Monkey World wildlife sanctuary, near Wool, has been campaigning to stop the illegal trade of animals and birds in Thailand and the Far East and is especially keen to save Naree the chimp from a life behind bars at Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Bangkok, where she is forced to perform.

Mr Cronin said: "I hope the Thai prime minister hears about our campaign and joins with us to work together."

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