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A Giant Leap for Ape Kind: Friends to take part in mass bungee jump at Monkey World

READY TO JUMP: Left, Sean-Paul Mackin, Lucy Mills and Lewis Banks 
READY TO JUMP: Left, Sean-Paul Mackin, Lucy Mills and Lewis Banks

FOUR daredevil co-workers from Poole are among 47 brave bungee jumpers taking a giant leap at Purbeck’s Monkey World .

Borough of Poole communications officer Ceri Lewis, 26, and her flat mate Lucy Mills, 22, a nurse, are taking a Giant Leap for Ape Kind at the primate rescue centre on Sunday– raising money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund.

The pair, who both work part-time at Le Bateau in Ashley Cross, have been raising donations from their customers, which will be matched by Le Bateau owner Richard Crump.

So far the friends, who also persuaded bar staff Lewis Banks, 18, and Sean-Paul Mackin, 22, to join them on the jump, have raised £241 at the Ashley Cross bar and restaurant, along with £300 from elsewhere making £782 for the charity.

Ceri told the Echo: “I’ve always enjoyed visiting Monkey World . It’s a good cause and it seemed like a good way to conquer a fear – my biggest fear is falling to my death!”

She added: “The customers have been amazing, and all the staff have been really supportive, helping us raise money and chucking their tips in as well. Huge thanks to Richard – when he agreed to match it he probably didn’t think we’d make as much as we have!”

The aim is to raise £3,000 for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund, to help continue the work of founder Jim Cronin in primate welfare and conservation.

Monkey World spokesman Sarah Lambert said: “If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of a bungee jump, there’s no better opportunity.”

Monkey World director Dr Alison Cronin will be taking her own giant leap, along with other staff.

Those taking part need to raise £75 minimum sponsorship.

Call 01929 401 018 or email and to sponsor Ceri and Lucy visit

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