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Silvestre the orphaned orang-utan gets new family at Monkey World

Wednesday 8th December 2010

SILVESTRE, an orphaned Sumatran orangutan, is getting to know his new family at a world-renowned Purbeck primate sanctuary. The youngster, who celebrates his first birthday on New Year’s Eve, was abandoned by his mum at a Spanish zoo. Take a look at our Monkey World gallery

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Without the intervention of staff at Wool’s Monkey World the future could have looked bleak for Silvestre.

But when the Daily Echo caught up with the adorable ape he was already bonding well with his new orangutan sisters, Dinda and Lingga.

Ape rescue centre director Dr Alison Cronin said: “We are pleased to welcome young Silvestre to the créche here at Monkey World.

“Sadly for him he was born almost a year ago in Santillana Zoo, Spain, where his mother simply put him down and walked away.

“She wasn’t up for looking after the infant for the next seven years, but the staff at the zoo did an absolutely fantastic job, bringing the tiny infant on and feeding him like you would for a human baby for the past 11 months.

“But now it is time Silvestre grew up. It’s time he learned about being an orangutan and not just mixing with human beings.”

Staff are happy with the way the youngster has tentatively welcomed his new surroundings – a specially designed nursery building with heating and a gymnasium-sized playroom.

Dr Cronin said: “We are pleased to be able to offer him a place in our nursery group so this critically endangered species has as good a start in life as possible.

“What a great Christmas present, being able to give little Silvestre a family of his own.” 

His move to the UK came after permission was granted by the British authorities, enabling Silvestre to be carried onboard a Brittany Ferry which docked at Portsmouth – he even had his own cabin.

Santillana Zoo’s Andrea Gonzalez said: “From now on he will live with his new family at Monkey World, which will help him to develop a natural behaviour and a social life as an orangutan.”


Silvestre the orphaned Sumatran Orangutan who is now safely in the care of experts at Monkey World.
Pictured with Animal Director Jeremy Keeling


HEY PAL: Silvestre the orphaned Sumatran orangutan who is in the care of exerts at Monkey World.


CHEEKY: Silvestre with Animal Director Jeremy Keeling

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