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At the Centre refugees of this illegal trade as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect are rehabilitated into natural living groups.

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Monkey World primates get to grips with big freeze

IF you thought the Arctic Monkeys were just a band, then take a look at these chaps.

As Dorset experienced another day of sub-zero temperatures, primates at Wool’s popular Monkey World sanctuary were getting to grips with the big freeze.

The primates, including chimps, orangutans and a host of smaller monkeys, were busy keeping warm and enjoying some special winter treats.

Monkey World’s Dr Alison Cronin said: “Our guys feel the cold, so at this time of year we do our best to make their lives as interesting and comfortable as possible on a daily basis.”

This means extra bedding and regular winter snacks of hot jacket potatoes.

The primates’ natural environment is equatorial, so the park buildings are heated to 20 degrees Celsius.

Dr Cronin said: “On snowy days it’s a real novelty – it’s very much like the children you see playing in the snow.

“They build snowballs and mostly eat them, but sometimes they’ll chuck them around a bit “Generally speaking, they prefer it warmer.”

Warmed up with a tasty snack

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