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New baby Jin's a tonic for staff at Monkey World

Bournemouth Echo

Wednesday 10th February 2010

Jin was born in November and is the second son of Hsiao-quai, and dad Gordon’s first born.

His birth was watched closely in the enclosure by Gordon, his older brother Kai and female orang-utan Hsiao-Lan, whom the park hope will follow in Hsiao-quai’s footsteps within the next year.

Jin, born at Monkey World, image copyright Monkey World

Jin’s arrival is fantastic news for Monkey World as Gordon was himself born at the park in 1997 and now has a son of his very own.

Monkey World’s Alison Cronin said: “He’s doing fantastic and most of that is down to his mother. It’s her second little boy born here at the park – she gave birth to his little brother Kai in 2005 so it was about the right time for her to be pregnant again.

“Gordon was born at the park prematurely and had to be hand reared. Now he’s all grown up, is 12 years old and has become a father for the first time.

“For us it is a really nice full circle story for our captive breed programme.”

Alison said the centre actively encourages breeding with their orang-utan, woolly monkeys and golden-cheeked gibbons. “For us Jin’s arrival is confirmation we are heading in the right direction.”

She added: “Jin is loved by everybody. Hsiao-quai will happily hold him up and show him to people, she is quite the proud mum.

“He is a few months old now and he’s started reaching out to take solid food and started to consider his environ-ment.

“It is really good to see. His older brother Kai is being marvellous and is spending more time with the baby’s father Gordon.”

Jin, which means handsome in Chinese, will spend the first six months of his life being carried by his mum before venturing out on his own.

GORDON'S JIN: The baby orang-tuan with his mum at Monkey World 

GORDON'S JIN: The baby orang-tuan with his mum at Monkey World

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