Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild.

At the Centre refugees of this illegal trade as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect are rehabilitated into natural living groups.

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Winter 2004

Hananya's Group By Leanne Waterhouse

It has been a difficult and changing time in the group since the passing of Rodney, the dominant male and the arrival of two new females, Kuki and Zeynep. Hananya took charge of the group immediately and although he is relatively young for a dominant male the entire group is showing him respect in his new position. We are watching carefully to see what changes occur in the hierarchy of the group.

Hananya - Is growing into a big and handsome male and now looks every bit of the dominant leader of this group. He is a quiet lad but since Rodney's passing he has been responding to all disputes in the group with strong and impressive displays. Hananya is young, but is growing into his new role day by day.

Cherri - Cherri has been showing off her dominance, with a lot of displaying and stomping around, for the benefit for the group's two new arrivals. However, she is still having fun and has been giving Kuki reassuring hugs from time to time.

Peggy - She is still very obliging when it comes to carrying Trudy around as if she were a youngster. Trudy is getting far too big for this now, but Peggy still enjoys their close bond.

Mona – Due to Mona's disabilities, she is not as quick or able bodied as the rest of the group. However she still has a close relationship with Marjoline and still enjoys playing the "bottom in the air" game. The new arrival, Zeynep, has been teasing Mona, as she is an easy target.

Jess – Jess has always been close to Arfur but as she matures Jess has been forming alliances with the dominant male. Still, she gets jealous when Arfur gets attention from the other females.

Marjoline – She is not so dependant upon Mona's reassurance as she grows up. At the moment Marjoline enjoys playing with and protecting Zeynep.

Joline – Joline has grown in both confidence and stature. She does not appear interested in the new arrivals, Kuki or Zeynep, but has been enjoying playtime with Arfur and Gypsy lately.

Eveline - Eveline keeps herself busy by staying alongside Cherri although she still enjoys Gypsy's attention from time to time.

Semach – Semach loves playing and is always active. He still gets up to his silly antics such as 'frog hopping' around and amuses us as well as the others in his group. His friendship with Gypsy is a little strained at present due to both wanting the attention of the new girls.

Gypsy – Gypsy has been brilliant from the first day of meeting Kuki and Zeynep. He constantly wants to rough and tumble play with Zeynep and is never far from Kuki's side.

Tikko – He is a quiet but serious lad but can often be seen playing and giving Kuki a lot of attention. Tikko is always careful to make sure that the dominant male is unaware of his meetings with the ladies.

Simon – He has been playing a lot more with Hananya and Arfur but is always aware of everything that is going on at all times. Simon is growing into a very impressive male.

Valerie – When Kuki and Valerie first met Valerie was terrified. Over the past months however, Valerie has become a good friend to Kuki.

Honey – Honey is a tease and is having great fun in annoying Kuki and Zeynep but the game is ended when any one of the young lads are present.

Trudy – Trudy is still growing still but has not realised as yet that she is getting too big for Peggy to carry. Trudy has a strong character and is not shy about letting any of the others know what she is thinking.

Arfur - When Jess is not at his side, Arfur occupies himself in the company of Simon, Gypsy and Zeynep for games.

Kuki - Kuki is mixing in with the group very well and has been learning rapidly. Spending more time grooming and following the dominant female, Cherri. She is learning that playing with others of your own kind can be great fun. Kuki has a lot of support and protection from the group.

Zeynep – Gypsy has finally met his match when it comes to play. He has lots of energy but the constant playing has been wearing him out. Zeynep has been making a close friend of Marjoline and when they are outside together Zeynep almost tries to get on her back when she feels insecure.

Orangutans By Jeremy Keeling

Our orangutans are now living in three separate groups. Tuan is currently with females RoRo and Lucky and the other females stay with Gordon. Meanwhile, baby Hsiao-ning is growing bigger every day and we are currently building a new nursery house and enclosure for her and some other infants that may arrive soon! The nursery is along side of the large enclosure so the youngsters will be able to watch and interact with the adults.

Tuan – He is presently living with RoRo and Lucky and appears to be happy with life in general. Tuan has become a star of the veterinary operant conditioning. He now looks forward to presenting his hands, ears, nose, chest, or what ever you ask for in exchange for half a grape!

RoRo – She is living up to her reputation of a busy lady. Every morning when she comes outside, she does a march around the enclosure to make sure all is what it should be. While RoRo does not appear to have any particularly close friends, she and Lucky are quite close.

Lucky – From the time that she arrived, you would not recognise Lucky now. She is much bigger and has matured a great deal. Far from being the quiet and shy individual that she used to be, she is now a very single-minded young lady.

Amy – Since splitting the group, Amy appears to be more comfortable with the new arrangements. She was not particularly enamoured with Tuan but she is still very close to Gordon and sleeps with him every night.

Hsiao-quai – Hsiao-quai's pregnancy is now entering the 3rd trimester and she is a typical female orangutan who has become very hormonal. She is having all the normal symptoms of pregnancy and wants everyone else to be aware of it!

Hsiao-lan – She is another independent lady who is happy playing silly games with Gordon or being grown up and mature with the other adults. Hsiao-lan likes staying with either group.

A-Mei – As a more mature lady than the others, she is still settling to a more social life and she probably would not admit it but it is not that bad after all!

Gordon – Still a very naughty little boy with no intentions of growing up….and I have no intention of encouraging him to grow up! He is still very close to his mum, Amy.

Hsiao-ning – She is now more than a year old and is already taking after her mother, RoRo. Even though the two are not together she has developed her mothers stubborn streak. When she wants something, she wants it now, and when she gets angry she puts all of her 8kg behind a mean slap!

Bachelor Group By Ollie Harper

Since the last arrival of a new male (Alberto) to the Bachelor group, the composition of the group has been changing as we slowly introduce the 11 strong group together. As all members of this group are large adult males, the introductions are going slowly but Alberto is making great progress with his social skills. This group is always active and boisterous. At the time of this A.R.C. the group is in two sub-groups as we add to those who have met Alberto.

Butch – He is still very much in charge of the Bachelor group and spends a lot of time playing with Buxom.

Buxom – A high ranking chimp, he gets on well with the other individuals in the Bachelor group but can be very boisterous and intimidating at times.

Sammy – He is easy going and is everyone's friend. Sammy also likes interacting with our visitors to the park.

Kyko – He enjoys his daily milk drinks and gets on well with Rocky.

Rocky – Playful Rocky loves a game of chase and is a sociable member of the group.

Pacito – He is one of our most 'humanised' chimps and always enjoys interacting with people. He is very good at operant conditioning, training for veterinary checks, as he is very intelligent and quick to learn.

Mojo – Although Mojo is not a high-ranking individual he enjoys playing with all members of the group.

Alberto – Alberto has developed into a confident and friendly chimpanzee. His social skills have improved and this should help him make new friends in the coming year.

Charlie –Charlie is a truly nice individual that just wants an easy life. For this reason we knew that he would be a good choice as one of the first to meet Alberto. He has become a good friend to Alberto.

Freddy – He is always keen to be the first out into the enclosure in the morning. He has loads of energy and loves playing with and chasing the others. Freddy loves our attention and thus is doing very well with our operant conditioning programme.

Jestah – Out of the whole group, Jestah has become Alberto's closest friend. They spend a lot of time together playing.

Paddy's Group By Ollie Harper

Paddy's group is the oldest and longest established group in the park. The large group now numbers 23 individuals and it is hard to believe that this tight knit troop is (almost totally) comprised off unrelated chimpanzees rescued from a wide variety of circumstances. The two youngsters that were born into this group have brought them together completing the final step in their rehabilitation into a functioning family group.

Paddy – Paddy continues to be an excellent leader and father figure. He is quick to resolve any problems within the group and is a strong but kind leader.

Jimmy – As Paddy's No. 2, he enjoys his high status but still finds time to play with Hebe and Eddi.

Busta – When it gets hot Busta loves to play under the enclosures' new water-mister and he also has fun in the rain! Busta is a friendly chimp that loves to play with anyone who is interested.

Micky – He spends a lot of time playing with both Hebe and Eddi and can often be seen taking part in a group grooming session. Micky has a quiet but strong character.

Gamba – Cheeky Gamba is still finding his place within the group and is usually in the company of his best friend Paco. Gamba loves nothing better then teasing other higher-ranking chimps.

Paco – He likes the company of the alpha male Paddy who he looks up to and admires.

Cindy – Cindy is a high-ranking female who is good friends with Bixa and Evie. Together they are often found relaxing with Paddy.

Beth – She is always the first to arrive for the evening meal and the last to leave! Beth is a quiet individual, but as one of the dominant females in the group, no one messes with her.

Zoe – Zoe is a smart chimpanzee who loves to carry Eddi on her back and go for walks around the outside enclosure.

Evie – Evie is a good friend of Cindy and Bixa and the girls all enjoy each other's company. She loves to eat pumpkin!

Bixa – Can often be heard making loud pant hoots at scatter feed time and just loves being in the outside enclosure.

Cathy – She has a close relationship with Clin and Grisby. Cathy likes her creature comforts and is often the last to get out of bed in the morning.

Clin – Clin has always been obsessive about her food and she is also enthusiastic about her afternoon milk drink. She has a strong character and is respected by the rest of the group.

Grisby – Relaxed and easy going, Grisby is a popular individual who enjoys blankets and toys.

Olympia – Although she has a low status within the group she is good friends with Athena and always gets a lot of extra treats and attention from the Primate Care Staff. She still has a strong bond with Hebe.

Athena – She loves the heavy rubber toys we stuff with food treats. Athena likes to spend time grooming other members of the group.

Kay – She is a sociable chimpanzee who likes to make her nest at night in one of the Pavilions high hammocks. Kay can have a hot temper.

Lola – Enjoys being outside in the summer sunshine and during the winter months often makes her bed above the radiators. Lola is a quiet individual.

Peppa – She is often found interacting with visitors to the park. Peppa is a bright and intelligent chimpanzee always keeping an eye on anything new that might be happening.

Susie – She is still a caring and attentive mother to Eddi. She will allow others to play with Eddi but is never far away.

Eddi – Eddi is loved by the whole of the group. She loves playing with Hebe, Gamba, Busta, and Micky while Chatta, Zoe, and Gamba love carrying her around on their backs. Eddi is closest to her mum, Susie and also loves spending time and playing with her father, Paddy.

Chatta – Likes to sit in the outside enclosure up on the high platforms. She also loves having her skin oiled.

Hebe – She is growing up fast and is finding her feet within the group as she learns all about the complicated social hierarchy of the group. At night she can still be found sleeping with her mother, Olympia.

Gibbons By Wendy Durham

Zoey and Rafael - Rafael is the newest addition to the gibbon house and has settled in very well. It is still very early days but it looks like he and his new lady Zoey are going to be just fine together, that is if he remembers that food is the most important thing in her life. Zoey acts like she is an old hand at meeting new gibbons and has taken the whole thing in her usual laidback way. For Rafael the introductions have been no problem as he grew up in a family group and is used to the ways of adult females. We have great hopes for this, our newest pair of golden-cheeked gibbons.

Peanut and Pung Yo - During the last year Peanut has matured a lot and has left the care of her adoptive mother Zoey to be paired with our youngest male gibbon Pung Yo. They are both still youngsters so for the time being their days are filled with play. We have all been watching and waiting for Peanut to begin her final colour change in life and it now looks as if it is beginning. Over the next few months Peanut will change from a jet-black gibbon to a beautiful blonde.

Vietta and Tito - Tito, who arrived last April, has turned out to be a lovely, gentle soul. We first tried introducing him to Zoey, but her strong nature overwhelmed him so we decided to try Vietta as she too has a very soft nature. The pair have not been together long but are doing well and are starting to get used to each other's ways and habits. We are sure it won't be long until they are a fully bonded pair.

Alex (and Jake!) - Alex is currently housed on her own after Pung Yo left to live with Peanut, however she seems to enjoy the freedom that comes with the change. She is often found playing contentedly with all the toys and enrichment she is given and is lapping up the attention she gets from the Primate Care Staff. Little does Alex know but arrangements have already been made for the new man in her life. Jake will soon be flying in from Utah, USA as part of the international breeding programme for this endangered species.

Nike and Ella - The lar gibbons are going from strength to strength. Their relationship has grown stronger recently as Nike has really got the hang of singing in a duet with Ella. The pair can often be heard in the morning affirming their bond and announcing their territory. Following several operations to remove broken and infected teeth as well as a piece of metal that was lodged in her hip, Ella is now free of discomfort and pain. Now she has developed a truly cheeky side and often creeps up on Nike to goad him into playing with her.

Paul and Kitty - We have housed our lone male agile gibbon, Paul, with young Kitty, the lar gibbon. Even though they are different species, the two enjoy each other's company. Their play is fast and furious and carries on for most of the day. Kitty has finally found her voice and is now fully vocal, and boy does she have a lot to say.

Adidas and Dalumie - Our pair of Muller's gibbons has proven to have the strongest pair bond yet. They spend all of the morning grooming and playing and now focus on each other more rather than looking to people. For these two life just doesn't get any better.

Fox and Nini - Over the last year Nini has reached sexual maturity and can be heard every morning singing across the park. This has not changed his relationship with Fox however, as he always has time for a good game of chase around their enclosure whenever Fox can drag himself away from seeing who's come to the park to visit. Fox likes to watch people walking through the park.

The Siamangs - Onion has grown into a fine figure of a gibbon and is now nearly as big as his father Sam. The family are as tight as they ever were it's just that Onion now has the strength and speed to get away from Sages enforced grooming sessions. When he does she has to settle for grooming Sam instead, that is unless they gang up on Onion and then he has no chance of getting out of bath time.

Woolly Monkeys By Melanie Lloyd

At Monkey World we have two groups of woolly monkeys. Our first group consist of six woolly monkeys. Quite a comical group led by the dominant male, Levar, a very placid male, who likes to take a back seat if the females get into a little squabble. Lorna, Levar's favourite female, is currently mum to Lena, a ten-month old baby. Lena is quite a confident young lady who is having enormous amounts of fun learning how to use her tail especially on the ropes that are throughout the house and enclosure. She sometimes forgets and lets go to too quick but she gets up and brushes herself off and tries again. She is, of course, copying her 'uncle' Branco, a male who is very close to her mum and likes to take an active and protective role in looking after Lena. Branco uses his tail to suspend himself from the ropes and jerks his body around in an impressive display. He especially likes showing off to visitors to the park! Willy, an adult female, came to us after she had been stolen from the wild in Columbia and was smuggled into St Martin for the illegal pet trade. She has a good relationship with Branco and he is one of her closest pals. Willy used to be afraid of Lena but now she seeks Lena out to play. Xusy, the oldest member of the group, is 33 years old. She is the friendliest monkey in the park who enjoys nothing more than snuffling 'hello' and eating.

Mendez, Chica, Kuna and Yarima comprise our second group of woollys. Mendez, the dominant male, is more butch looking than Levar, and is spoilt for choice when it comes to the picking of females. However, not everyone loves Mendez. Yarima has never gotten along with the male and we are now checking to see if there is a more compatible group for her to join elsewhere in Europe. Females Chica and Kuna enjoy Mendez's company and we are hopeful that they will soon produce a mini Mendez to establish a new family group.

Nursery Group By Jeremy Keeling

The nursery group is getting quite large now as we are beginning to introduce Ben and Pip to the other members of Sally's group. As they are growing rapidly, both physically and mentally, we are confident that their full time residence in the main group is fairly imminent.

Sally – Sally likes to be in charge which is why she has always been an excellent adoptive mother. At the moment, however, she has to share her authority with Lulu and Çarli. Sally's response is to let the others get on with things and only get involved when it matters (i.e. for food and if Seamus needs help). Seamus is still her spoilt baby.

Lulu – It is noticeable, as someone who cares for her on a daily basis that Lulu has really settled in now. She has decided that life can be fun and is enjoying every moment of it. From playing, to grooming, to demanding her own way, Lulu is now involved with everything.

Çarli – He has also found life in the Nursery to be a real gas! Çarli appears to have found a good level between play, teasing, and arguing and is thoroughly enjoying his new life. He is not so focused on Tutti anymore and is happy to play with anybody who is interested. Çarli also loves to interact with visitors keeping them amused for ages.

Seamus – Seamus is growing up but his body is growing faster than his brain! He is a very kind hearted individual as long as he gets his way. Seamus is still very close to Sally and has now become best mates with Çarli.

Johni – Johni is a very quiet little girl. She often tries to act all grown up especially when it comes to looking out for the younger chimps but really she has a long way to go yet.

Tutti – Tutti has always been very independent but when she first arrived she quickly attached herself to Çarli. The two are still very close but each has started taking an interest in the others in the group.

Ben – Ben still is a happy little boy who finds politics of the nursery too much to cope with so he just follows Pip's lead. He is a truly nice boy.

Pip – Pip is another candidate for the Miss Independent title. She finds everything a challenge and every challenge must be met!

Marmosets, Goeldi's, Squirrel, and Capuchin Monkey

We have 16 common marmosets, 4 females live with our Goeldi monkey, Oberon. Betty Boo and Oberon are good friends they even sit next to each other grooming. Our family of 4 common marmosets have now expanded to 6 with another set of healthy twins. The male marmosets are now in 3 groups as we have a new addition, Marcel, who will in the next few days be introduced to Leo and Nathan who live next door.

Squirrel Monkeys
We have 7 squirrel monkeys, 3 of which are getting quite old. Mamore and Balsa the oldest two get extra fruits and insects every night so that they keep in good condition. Their favourite thing to do is spend as much time outside as possible especially in the summer when there are lots of insects to catch.

Capuchin Monkeys

Tom – Tom now gets to enjoy an increased diet that includes extra banana which he is very pleased about. He spends most of his day keeping an eye over all the other capuchins especially his best friend TJ.

Jerry – As he does not like TJ so much, Jerry has been let into Gismo's house where he lives with one of our latest members of the capuchins. They are now firm friends and spend most mornings grooming each other.

Terri - She is a very happy individual as she can choose who she wants to be with. When she has had enough of TJ and his games she asks to go down to see Jerry and Gismo. When she misses her boyfriend Tom too much she then asks to go back.

TJ – He is a very clever young male who always wants to play. We have great fun trying to find new toys to keep him occupied. His favourite new toy is a dipping pot where he has to find sticks to get to the yoghurt.

Pepe – He is our latest addition to the group and is a very old man who suffers from arthritis. He has settled into the main group of capuchins very well and loves to groom anyone who sits still long enough.

Gismo – He has spent the last few months since his arrival settling in. He was in a bit of a pickle when he arrived and did not really get on with any of the other capuchins as he had lived on his own for the previous 15 years. Slowly but surely, though, he has settled down and now has a best buddy, Jerry, who he loves to groom.

Ringtail Lemurs By Leanne Hosegood

The past year has seen a few changes at Malagasy. Our dominant females Tibet and Poppy, who previously ran the group together, have had their differences and each has taken charge of half the group. Everyone's favourite George continues on his diet and has made some very good friends of Whitespot and Houdini who are now regular sleeping chums of his.

The very playful youngsters still keep us Primate Care Staff on our toes, especially as many of you know, slippery little Diggery. How many keepers does it take to get 1 lemur to bed… two, three, four?! An original "cheeky monkey".

Old ladies Blue and Perky the ruffed lemurs have also come to Malagasy and have been enjoying the woodland enclosure.

Stumptail Macaques By Leanne Hosegood

Down at the Stumpy house we have had a great 2004. Late last year we mixed our old ladies Effie, Erica and Louise with Bazak's group of 4 males, resulting in a happy mixed geriatric group. Griff and Erica soon formed a very close friendship spending hours grooming each other. Erica always takes extra care of Griff when his aches and pains slow him down. Everyone has spent a lot more time outside this year enjoying the insects and the natural enclosures. Louise has become skilled in the catching flies, wasps, butterflies and moths and even the odd dragonfly. Bazak who celebrated his 32nd birthday this year has been outside regularly enjoying the sunshine, occasionally being the last to come in!

In the boys group, Fred has lost those last few pounds and now joins most of the others for "breakfast extras". Scott sits comfortably in his top position. Perhaps a little too comfortable as only he, Tim and David have more weight to lose. When watching them it is now hard to believe the poor physical and mental state in which the macaques arrived. Happy, healthy, comfortable and relaxed, it's a laid-back, peaceful life the stumptails now enjoy.

Letter From the Editor

Jim and I wanted to thank all of you who have been a tremendous help by sending letters of protest to the Thai authorities, the CITES management authority in Switzerland, and the Minister of the Environment, Elliott Morley regarding more than 100 illegal orangutans that are kept at a safari park outside of Bangkok. Monkey World also asked that an illegal chimpanzee, Naree, that was kept at a different park in Thailand should be confiscated and sent to Monkey World for life saving surgery. Sadly the news is not good on either front. Monkey World had objected that the orangutans were not confiscated from the beginning and returned to Indonesia while legal proceedings continued, but some organisations thought that DNA testing of the illegal orangutans should be done in order to prove that they were not born in captivity. As a result, Safari World was allowed to maintain the orangutans and be in charge of the DNA testing! We were not surprised to find out that the tests failed and now there are no plans to repatriate the illegal orangutans. Regarding Naree, the Thai government has refused to let her go but we will not stop with our campaign to get her to Dorset where we can give her the surgery she needs and a family of her own kind.

Over the past couple of months our supporters have been a great help with our rescue and rehabilitation work by donating goods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, bread, rice cakes, baby milk, baby oil, nappies, vitamins, dog toys, blankets, sheets, towels, D-feeder cups, stamps, foreign currency, and rope. Knitted jumpers and blankets were also donated to sell in the shop. Everything is greatly appreciated by the monkeys and apes. We have received generous donations and some have raised money by sponsored school events, car boot sales, and cake stalls.

Special thanks need to be given to Intra Cave Ltd , Bridport Post Office , Ringwood Collection, and BT Third Party Billing for generous donations, Mrs Ford at Swanage Hospital for donating fluid bags , Lyn Baines of Pedigree Wholesale for a load of D-feeder cups, Rena McKenzie and her family for rope toys, Sandra Belchambers of the Cardiothoracic Centre in Liverpool medical equipment, James Harding for a huge supply of rubber cone toys, Condor Ferries Weymouth for donating rope, Sally Pursey of Nature's Best for vitamins, and Paul Laing of Hang About Baskets for some beautiful hanging baskets. In particular we would like to thank all our adoptive parents and visitors that have sent us copies of photos that they have take while at the park. Some of them are in this ARC and they are very good.

On a sad note, many people who regularly visited the park or were adoptive parents have passed away. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Robert Warren, Eileen Logan, Patricia Beesley, Eileen Catlin, Helen Baker, Mary Cockayne, David Lunn, Ronald Adams, Bill Jenner, Christine Lees, and Tony Eden. Over the summer we had a special visit from Billy and Christine McCann . Chistine was very unwell but wanted to come to Monkey World to see all of the monkeys and apes that she loved to watch. Christine passed away not long after her visit and our thoughts are with her family who cared for her so much. They will all be greatly missed.

We have many new projects on the horizon! We have just taken delivery of a new building that will soon be fitted out to become the new orangutan nursery. It is a large building, way too big for just one baby orangutan...!   We have just brought in another common marmoset from the British pet trade and we are making final preparations for the arrival of a new mate for Alex, our golden-cheeked gibbon.   Jake, the gibbon, is flying in all the way from Utah, USA! By the time you receive this ARC he should be here and have met his new leading lady.

All the monkeys and apes are now receiving extra vitamin C and primrose oil capsules as the cold weather begins to set in. Our Primate Care Staff take special care to make sure that everyone, especially the older and infirm, makes the transition between seasons as gently as possible. We are careful to watch for chapped lips, dry skin, colds, and most will have flu injections. It is hard work at this time of year but it is worth it to see all the monkeys and apes enjoying their comfortable homes.

From everyone at Monkey World, all the best for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.